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Sapphire Glow My Little Pony OC Bio Sheet
by ScisoHaelora, Apr 23, 2012, 3:29:50 AM
Literature / Characters & Settings / Contemporary / Profiles
Name: Sapphire Glow
Nicknames: None

Gender: Female
Age: 23
Species: Changeling
Height: 4'
Weight: 210 Lbs

Hometown: Hive outside of Hoofington
Current Residence: Ponyvale, Home of Shocken Awe

Occupation: Currently Unemployed

Mane Color/Style/Length: Grey Changeling fin

Coat Description: Dark Chitin

Eye Shape/Color: Standard Changeling eyes

Accessories: None

Allegiance: None. Wants peace with ponies.

Cutie Mark: None

Special Talent: None

Family: Currently none, Home hive was exterminated shortly after the Canterlot invasion.

Friends: Shocken Awe.

Personality: Friendly, but highly skeptical of ponies. Extremely jumpy and fearful around new ponies.

Flaws: Due to being born into a well off hive, she never learned any real survival skills.

[Character History]

Sapphire Glow was hatched in a fledgling hive on the outskirts of the pony town, Hoofington. The ponies and Changelings got along well enough, until the invasion by Chrysalis' hive in Canterlot. The ponies of Hoofington turned extremely xenophobic, wiping out the hive. She only escaped through sheer luck that she was good friends with one of the night guards in the city; a bat pony named Ebony Dawn. They bonded over the ponies' mutual distrust for their species. She helped Sapphire escape and neither have had contact with each other since.

She has roamed from town to town, trying to make a living as best she can. Her luck ran out when she got careless in the last town she visited and ran into the pony she was imitating in the middle of the crowded market place. She barely made it out of the town alive and has been wondering the wilderness for almost two weeks. She had heard rumors of Changelings living near a town called Ponyvale, and began making her way to the town.

While making her way through the back alleys of Ponyvale, she was caught in her changeling form by a Pegasus stallion, who cornered her in an alley. She had feared the worst, but it turned out that the town was actually a changeling friendly town. He offered her a place to stay until she could get back on her hooves.

[Current Home]
The town of Ponyvale. Specifically, the home of Shocken Awe.

[Powers List]

Basic Changeling Abilities:
•Intrinsic ability to fly
•Intrinsic ability to use telekinesis
•Intrinsic ability to disguise self as a pony
•Intrinsic Changeling healing ability
•Intrinsic Changeling ability; Inferno Dash
•Intrinsic nightvision

Love absorbtion:
•Ability to siphon love indirectly, or directly. The latter being faster, but more draining on the target.
•The more love she gets, the stronger her magic abilities and regenerative powers become.
Sapphire Glow Character Sheet
RP character sheet for my changeling OC, Sapphire Glow.


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